Start With A Circle is about creating the Artistry of Your Life.

We are all creative.  We are all artists.  We all doodle.  We take a pen and draw lines and shapes.  We don’t plan a doodle.  We start with one line, and add another, and add another.  In the process we create a design.

When doodling, we open a time for thought, meditation, and relaxation.

We mentally meander, problem solve, or remove ourselves from the mental chaos of our active brain.  And, while we are doodling, we have an opportunity to create our lives, free from judgment and evaluation.

I began my “doodling journey” when I was teaching watercolor painting on cruise ships. I wanted an activity which would eliminate the “good-ness or bad-ness” that naturally occurs with making art.  I chose doodling.  And I always Start With A Circle.  Many (Many!) doodles later, I made it into my personal art form.

I love abstract.  Doodling is a perfect form for abstract.  It’s just a doodle.  I doodle.  I paint.  I look at it from all angles.  I find the story.  (  The brain always wants to find a picture or story within an abstract.)  I write a Haiku.  And, I repeat the process. Now I want to share.

I am a retired elementary teacher living in Northern California.  I teach doodling and watercolor painting.  I find enormous satisfaction in providing an opportunity for “non-artists,”  to create.

Christine M. Wright

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